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Dr Alex George on Monday’s Freedom Day unlocking

16th July 2021
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Whether it’s chilling in a park, pub or restaurant, we’ve all been enjoying drinks with friends and family since restrictions have lifted. However on Monday the last remaining legal restrictions will be gone and people up and down England will be out celebrating ‘Freedom Day’.

However, following 16 months of limited socialising, we’ve all been adjusting to a different way of living and with the return of socialising and no restrictions comes the return of the hangover anxiety otherwise known as ‘hangxiety’.

It’s a well known fact that alcohol increases anxiety. Along with being a depressant, it changes levels of serotonin and other chemicals within the brain. According to new research from non-alcoholic spirit Caleño, 36% of drinkers said they have experienced ‘hangxiety’ at some point with 20% saying their hangxiety has worsened since lockdown has eased. One in four (25%) say that since the last national lockdown, their alcohol drinking habits have increased.

So with all restrictions being eased and the return of drinking and hangovers comes an increase in potential  mental health issues, as 22% said that their mental health has suffered since coming out of lockdown due to an increase in hangovers. One in five (21%) said that their hangovers affect their physical health negatively.

Caleño founder Ellie Webb and Dr Alex George, who is the UK’s first Government advisor to mental health, spoke to Johnny Jenkins: