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Organising expert Dilly Carter on Drivetime with Johnny

1st April 2022
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Space in our homes has never been so important. As our kitchens transformed into offices and our living rooms became playgrounds, the pandemic highlighted to us the value of utilising all the available space in our homes.

A staggering 56% of UK adults have rooms in their houses that can’t be used due to them being filled with clutter.

When it comes to the places in our houses that gather the most mess, the spare bedroom (30%) comes out on top, closely followed by the garage (22%) and loft (21%) as the main culprits, as people quickly turn to an out of sight, out of mind approach when it comes to hiding clutter.

A neat and tidy living space helps to create a sanctuary in our homes. 42% of people say that clutter makes them feel uncomfortable and over a third of us (36%) wait until we feel annoyed by the amount of mess before starting a full clear-out.

Johnny discussed this with Dilly Carter, organising expert, author and TV  presenter: