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Tackling the taboo of women’s health

10th February 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

There’s no question that the pandemic has had an immense impact on our health and wellbeing. Not only have the changes to our daily routines had an effect on our mental and physical health, but the stress that has been brought about by these uncertain times can manifest itself in other physical symptoms too.

For many women, the stress and its effects has also impacted their personal lives. More than half (54%) of women say stress has been the biggest barrier to a heathy love life, alongside fatigue (47%) and a low mood (44%), according to new research from Lloyds Pharmacy. A further third of women (33%) admit to worrying about their libido and its impact on their intimate relationships.

However, that’s not the only aspect of personal health and wellbeing that women are worried about.

Aston spoke to Victoria Steele, chief superintendent pharmacist at Lloyds Pharmacy to discuss the health issues women are suffering in silence with, where they can seek help and advice, and why it’s so important for the taboo to be tackled.