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Local MP questions Prime Minister on Brexit proposals

3rd October 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

MP says proposals may break deadlock

Today in the House of Commons the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, gave a Statement on the Government’s proposals to secure a Brexit deal with the EU.

In the Chamber, John Baron MP (Basildon and Billericay) asked:

“The Devil is in the detail, but I congratulate the Prime Minister on his improved proposals as a basis for a deal. But in straining every sinew to secure a good deal, will he be resolute not only in his intent to honour the triggering of Article 50 by an overwhelming majority in this place, which said we would leave with or without a deal, but also be resolute in ensuring we are actually prepared for no deal? It is an inescapable logic that, by being so prepared, improves the chances of securing such a deal – a logic that has no far escaped the parties opposite?”

The Prime Minister agreed, and said that the UK was prepared for the event of a no deal Brexit. He also could not understand why opposition MPs did not see the logic of this approach. 

John said afterwards:

“This remain Parliament has reneged on the triggering of Article 50, which clearly stated that we would leave with or without a deal on 29th March – a deadline that has been extended twice already. These improved proposals stand a real chance of breaking this deadlock. I hope the EU responds constructively, as most of us prefer a good deal to no deal.”

Image: UK Parliament
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