Basildon Council Owe £17,000 For Litter

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Basildon Council and Xfor’s litter scheme has been unsuccessful thus far. Over a third of littering fines were unpaid by members of the public, and as a result the council currently owe Xfor £17,000.

The scheme involves Basildon Council paying Xfor £45 for every £75 fine issued for littering. However, the council has been unable to keep it its end of the bargain and as such, 495 fines of 1460 fines have not been paid.

The scheme is currently a 12 month trial period, however after 3 months Basildon Council are £17,000 down.

The service should not cost the council a penny as Xfor’s costs would be covered by the fixed penalty notices. However, members of the public have not provided real personal details, resulting in non-payment of the fines.

Reports suggest that the streets of Basildon have become cleaner since the beginning of the scheme, and there is hope to break even by December this year.

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  1. this scheme is an absolute joke they fine you for just brushing off a leaf that has fallen or been blown on to you

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