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Basildon Council to Approve Changes to Day Centre

7th March 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Basildon Council’s cabinet is set to approve a set of measures to save £120,000 from its day centre budget.

Membership fees are set to be raised at the George Hurd Centre, where members opted to increase annual membership fees from £4 per person per annum to £1 per household per week, and £1.50 per week for members from outside the borough, an increase from £8 a year.

Pitsea and Laindon day centres have chosen to find £30,100 of funding annually themselves.

Cll Andrew Baggot, cabinet member for community services said:

“I am pleased that we have come to agreement with day centre members and we can moce forward and continue to deliver what is a valued and well loved service.”

The changes are going to come into force on the 1st of April.