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Basildon Greenbelt areas in danger

6th September 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

The government have announced that it is going to temporarily adjust planning permission rules in order to help kick-start the econonmy. However, there are many greenbelt areas in Basildon which are vulnerable and face thousands of new houses being built.

The recent change to the greenbelt rules in the area means that land can be built upon if an equivalent size remains unbuilt on. Basildon Council are set to unveil 10,000 houses which are to be built in the next two decades.

Areas in Basildon which are greenbelt include; Land east of Pound Lane (291 acres), Little Chalvedon Hall (127 acres), Great Cowbride Grange Farm (71 acres), Outwood Common Road (68 acres).

Building extensions currently require planning permission if they are entended to be built further than 3m from the main building. The temporary plans will allow larger extensions from 6-8m to be built without any planning pemission.

Development project rules will be relaxed in order to increase the speed of development. The Tories discussed that there is no point in waiting 5 years as the economy needs to be boosted, with more affordable houses being made available.

The government hope that residents will call for a local builder, thus creating jobs and helping the local economy. The other impact this will have is that is that it will reduce the amount of greenbelt areas in Basildon.