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CT scanner for Pets introduced at Pitsea store

5th July 2015
Posted by Chris Tiernan

A brand new CT scanner for pets has been launched at the Pitsea ‘Pets at Home’ store. Deputy Mayor Danny Lawrence was on hand to mark the occasion and instead of just cutting a ribbon, he cuddled a cat for the benefit of the photographer. Actually Danny is a cat lover with two well-mannered moggies waiting lazily for his return home.

The ground-breaking piece of equipment is one of only two in the country and the first to be introduced to the Companion Care surgeries.

The new scanner will be a major aid in aiding more accurate diagnosis of pets illnesses and injuries. Humans can tell the Doctor about their ailments: pets cannot. Vets need to be particularly observant and pets are capable of being remarkably uncooperative, so any diagnostic aid is really appreciated. It can even produce 3D scans.

Companion Care said the CT scan is part of their continued dedication to ‘providing the highest level of care and treating every pet they see like they would their own.’

Indeed, this CT scanner does the same job as the scanners available on the NHS for human patient care. It represents a remarkable breakthrough in veterinary medicine and puts the Pitsea practice in the vanguard of pet care.
Emily talks to Head Vet Shola Idowu