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Maru Karate Kai Student of the Year Awards

14th December 2013
Posted by Chris Tiernan

Maru Karate Kai held its Awards Event this weekend at Luncies Road Hall. Congratulations to all the winners listed below:

Student of the Year 2013 –

Kim Knight

Kim this year has cemented exactly what we already knew. She’s a fantastic teacher in her own right and even took charge of a display without any help for the first time. Kim has taken a lot more responsibility this year as I took a backseat towards the end of the year. Thank you Kim!

Ryan Chandler

Ryan’s work in the Friday and Saturday classes this year has been a revelation. He continues to promote the club on social media and on the radio and is a very popular member of the team. Ryan was awarded his Tasshi award this year in recognition of his continued dedication to our club.

Harry Hayhow – Silver

Harry’s move into being a black belt has seen him start to take in more responsibility in the class, with him assisting with the younger members of the club. Harry has also progressed into the adult class where he has done very well. Harry’s target next year is to look towards his 2nd dan exam whilst regaining the brilliant standard he set before his Shodan exam.

TJ Leagas – Silver

TJ has started to assist with the younger students in the class and is developing into a very good assistant. Much like Harry! the standard seen before his Shodan needs to be found and improved on before a much deserved attempt at 2nd dan. As TJ matures, he continues to get stronger and must control this and his emotions to focus on greater achievement in the next year.

Chloe Chandler – Gold

Against seven adult males, Chloe held her own on her Shodan examination. She is the first female black belt solely developed by the club and her achievement this year is right up there. If Chloe’s attitude with the youngsters is anything to go by, she could be a fantastic assistant instructor in the future.

Ashleigh Fisher – Bronze

Ashleigh’s quality has never been in doubt. This year however, consistency has been the issue. Lack of dojo time means Ashleigh has not been able to fulfil her potential. If Ash can refocus for next year and learn Kusanku then there is no reason she can’t achieve great things.

Abbie Bachrach – Gold

Abbie has been a standout student this year. Her name was mentioned several times for Student of the Year and she has been rightfully championed for her brilliant work this year. Abbie’s 2014 should see her work through the brown belts towards her inevitable black belt examination.

David Adeosun – Bronze

David’s work in the dojo is rarely bettered. He is clearly highly intelligent, but a lack of dojo time means that his usual high consistency has not been seen. However, because of David’s intelligence, it is easy for him to pick up techniques and he won’t be left behind for long.

Cameron Chandler – Silver

Cameron has had a great year. As he continued to mature, he gets better and better and his next aim is to achieve his purple belt. If he can stop the needless dilly-dallying in class, he will be one of the finest students in the class. Here’s looking forward to a strong 2014 for Cameron.

Jake Gray – Silver

In the second half of the year, Jake has transformed into a strong, attentive and focused student. Since joining secondly school, Jake has grown up immeasurably and is now a star of Monday nights. Add that to his hilarious sense of humour and he has been a privilege to teach this year.

Jorja Harding – Bronze

Jorja’s work in the dojo this year has been hindered by absence, but her obvious desire to work hard is still there. As she grows up, she will need to work harder to maintain the very night standard she set for herself early on in her karate journey.

Jacob Leagas – Silver

Jacob’s concentration has increased two-fold this year. Perhaps inspired by his brothers success last year, Jacob has had a great 2013 ending with passing his green belt. I look forward to an even better 2014!

Ethan Gaze – Silver

Ethan’s concentration continues to be his main area of focus and it is obvious to see how far he has developed since he joined the club, Ethan must concentrate on his techniques and not allow himself to be distracted. 2014 could be a great year for Ethan as he continues to grow up.

Georgia McDonald – Silver

Jeff needs to do one thing – believe in herself more. Her standard is consistently high and her work in the dojo is a pleasure to watch. If she only believed in herself more, she’d perhaps lose the fear of not doing so well, which sometimes holds her back a little. Confidence please Jeff!

Caitlin Hinds – Silver

If it wasn’t for her bad luck with injuries and illness, I have no doubt this certificate would be a gold achievement award. Caitlin’s effort and determination is second to none and her obvious karate talent means she could go very very far. I’m very proud of Caitlin and her work this year.

Chloe Massey – Gold

Chloe has been am amazing student this year. Her concentration levels despite distractions on a Monday night have been a joy to watch. Despite her size, the strength and effort she puts in are out of this world. Chloe is a real contender for the highest accolades in the club.

Maria Leventis – Gold

Maria is a star of our club. Working hard to achieve her green belt this year, Maria has shown time and again that she is conscientious and hard working. I admire her spirit and she is a great representative for the girl power that seems to be taking over our class.

Ioanna Leventis – Gold

Ioanna is stronger than some of the adult students I work with. Her attitude and desire to learn are impressive and she continues to show me that she could be a fantastic student of karate as she grows older.

Iannis Leventis – Silver

Iannis is a cheeky scamp. At times, he is hard working and strong and at other times, he is a bozo. If he can focus on being superb all the time, he’ll be a real contender for a main award next year.

Ana Leventis – Bronze

Ana is a wonderful student. I have never seen Ana not smiling and even when she doesn’t necessarily get what she’s doing, she’s still smiling. In the last four months, she has shown that she can step out of her siblings shadow and work on her own. 2014 will be a big year for Ana.

Charlotte Woolf – Silver

Charlotte has done very well this year. Her work in the dojo has been great and she has also taken a big role with Maru’s social responsibility work, being team leader for our Jack Petchey challenge. If Charlotte can learn to harness her strength she can be a top student with the club. Next year could be Charlotte’s year to shine.

Kasey Smith – Silver

Without distractions around her, Kasey is a wonderful student. If she believes in herself, there is no reason she cannot achieve great things with our club. As a green belt, Kasey now has a very difficult year ahead, but if she continues to work hard she will continue to do very well.

Ellie Smith – Silver

Ellie is a great student. Always asking questions, always getting involved and showing the exact attitude that we as teachers love to see. Ellie is a very intelligent young girl who will go on to great things if she continues the way she is going.

Harry Rose – Gold

Harry is a true contender for Student of the Year. His effort and determination are commendable and his effort in class is top notch. Harry is only young, but with time, he can develop into a fantastic student. He has all the qualities of a brilliant student. Here’s to a fantastic 2014.

Mason McGaughran – Silver

It’s easy to forget that Mason is so young. Starting the age if four isn’t easy, but he has achieved great success this year. His effort is great and he is a pleasure to teach. Next year will be a huge year for Mason as he goes for his next headings.

Vinnie Rowan – Bronze

Vinnie started with us this year and has continuously improved. Vinnie did brilliantly in his two gradings this year with his concentration in class improving greatly towards the end of the year. I am very proud of the way Vinnie has developed and hope for great things next year.

Alex Adegbide – Silver

Alex is a brilliant student. His attitude is always so respectful and attentive and his standard is great. Alex deserves to be very proud of his achievements this year as his work in the dojo has been so consistent. 2014 will be a great year for Alex.

Teagan Andrews – Silver

Teagan is not only a very smart and intelligent student but she has also worked her way to being an assistant in my class. Teagan’s sense of humour and her determination make her a pleasure to teach. She has achieved so much this year and she can only get better.

Zoe Batt – Silver

Zoe is a fantastic student. Her attention to detail and effort in class is fantastic. But Zoe must remember to walk before she can run. If she continues to train hard she will achieve great success in 2014. I am incredibly proud of Zoe’s progress and think next year will be even better.

James Batt – Silver

James started with us this year, beginning with a lack of concentration and focus. But since his first grading James has excelled – whilst his cheekiness remains. His work in class has been very good. If he can learn to focus all the time and not just most of the time, he’ll be superb.

Lily Batt – Bronze

Lily started so brightly with us when she first started. When she achieved yellow belt, she rested on her laurels and stopped concentrating as much. I’m very pleased to say that for her last grading she worked really hard and got herself right back on track.

Artjoms Rulevics – Newcomer

Archie is clearly an intelligent young boy, but must resist the temptation to mess around in class. When Archie concentrates, he is very good but he always needs reminding. If he can stop needing to be reminded, he will progress very quickly.

Sonny Hart – Silver

Sonny joined our class from Ichiro Karate Kai. I’m so pleased he has joined us, he is such a great lad. His dedication to his kata and basics in class puts him above and beyond some students who are older than him.

Tyler Allen – Newcomer

Tyler concentrates hard and is very strong. He must resist the urge to stick his tongue out! Little bad habits like this are the only thing stopping him from progressing at a great rate. Proud of his work so far.

Charlie-marie Barnett – Newcomer

Charlie’s work in class has been superb. If she continues with the work, I have no doubts that 2014 will be a great year for Charlie. Her concentration is superb in class, but she must listen to others outside of class – not just in the dojo!

Bobby Whiting – Newcomer

Bobby has just joined the club but works really hard in lesson and is polite and attentive. It’s clear that the work he has put in at the Sunday lessons has really paid off.

Freddy Whiting – Newcomer

Freddy has just joined the club but works really hard in lesson and is polite and attentive. It’s clear that the work he has put in at the Sunday lessons has really paid off.

Liam Mileham – Newcomer

Liam started with the club recently and was very shy. But he has done brilliantly to come out of his shell and is now clearly in his comfort zone. I look forward to seeing Liam’s first gradings.

Riley Butcher – Newcomer

Riley is a very intelligent young boy who works hard in class. He must be careful not to distract others in class. When he concentrates and worries about his own moves, he is really quite good.

Student of the Year 2013
Chloe Massey

Since Chloe joined the club, she has consistently gone above and beyond in every lesson. Her strength and determination with each grade she has attempted convinced the panel that she should receive the Award. Congratulations Chloe!

Best Newcomer 2013
Harry Rose

Harry’s work this year has been fantastic. He was awarded his orange belt earlier in the year as a recognition of his great work. For someone who has been with the club for just a short time, he continues to prove that hard work and concentration pay off. Well done Harry!

Most Improved Student 2013
James Batt

In the first few weeks of James’s lessons with us, he was an early contender for Bozo of the Year. But in the last few months, his attitude and desire to work hard have shone out above all others. The turnaround has been amazing. Keep it up James and you’ll go very far!

Foolish of the Year
Jake Gray

This award may as we’ll be called ‘Funniest Student’. Without doubt, that student is Jake. In the last year he has only got funnier – his attitude to comedy and one-liners is fantastic and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I didn’t think id say this a year ago, but Jake – don’t change.

Funniest Moment 2013
Flipping Coin – John McGaughran

Poor John. A week after acting as the worst judge in Karate history, I asked him to make a decision by flipping a coin, which he gladly did. Sadly, the coin landed on his son Mason’s head, making him cry. What are the chances of that happening?

Role Model Award
Maria Leventis

Maria is a fantastic person. Since day one, she can clearly be seen to help all three of her siblings whilst also going out of her way to help all of the younger students. I’m incredibly proud of Maria and think that she deserves to be recognised for all she does with the younger students.

Best Teacher

Kyoshi’s Commendation Award
Honorary Black Belt

Tasshi’s Commendation Award
Ioanna Leventis

Tasha decided to give Ioanna an award due to her sheer strength. She is without doubt the strongest student we have and gives some of the older boys a run for their money. Keep it up!

Renshi’s Commendation Award
Charlotte Woolf