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Wallys On A Walk

23rd February 2013
Posted by Gateway 97.8

On  March 20th 2013, Mark, Lloyd and Dal, 3 regular Essex lads, are walking from Lands End in Cornwall, to the end of Southend Pier in Essex, to raise money for a little known condition called Williams Syndrome.

Mark, a photographer from Rayleigh, has a young son with WS, so its a charity close to his families heart. Lloyd has been friends with Mark for a few years and is keen to raise money for WS. And Dal, a reptile breeder from Basildon, met Mark on a business course in 2012 and came up with the idea for the walk.

Mark and Lloyd had always talked about ways to raise money and awareness for WS, but never came up with anything that particularly stood out. So when Dal suggested a 400 mile walk, they jumped at the idea, and Wallys On A Walk was born.

Marks mum and dad, David and Pauline Fountain, have very kindly volunteered to go ahead of us with a caravan and be there at the end of the days walk, ready with a hot meal, ice packs, iodine, princess plasters, and kisses for any boo boo’s we get along the way. Without them, the whole thing would be very difficult, so a big thank    you to them.

This is something that none of us have ever attempted before. None of us have gym memberships, and we’re all carrying a bit of excess winter weight.

We are just ordinary guys, raising money for an extraordinary cause.

About Williams Syndrome & The Foundation

WS is a randomly occurring genetic disorder which cannot be treated, and effects    the vital organs, as well as brain function and physical appearance.

The Williams Syndrome Foundation was put in place to be the first point of contact    for new and existing families of WS, while funding and supporting the research into    the Syndrome.

With WS being such a rare condition (there is less than 1500 in the UK), and with    no formal funding, they rely heavily on donations, but with it being one of the lesser known charities, they need as much help with funding as possible. That’s where we    come in..


We look forward to hearing from you!

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