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American Speedfest VII returns this weekend

30th May 2019
Posted by Radio Club

2019 will mark the seventh edition of American Speedfest at Brands Hatch since its inguration in 2013. This event will have a huge American Motorsport theme with Brands Hatch being converted into a scene from Daytona Beach throughout the weekend.

The Headline event will be the Whelan’s Nascar Euro Series with a the 1997 F1 World Champion Jaccques Villnuve headlining the action after finishing third twice this season. There will be other motorsport cateogries as well which include: Bernie’s V8s, Super Silloutes, Pickup Trucks, Legends and Anglo American F5000. The wheel to wheel action on track will be very special.

Brands Hatch Will Be Converted Into A Scene From Daytona Beach This Weekend

Off the track is where the fun starts with a huge selection of US Cars on display and the transformation of the Kentagon Restaurant which will recive a massive overhaul this weekend as it’s going to be transformed into an American Diner. There will be 1000s of cars on display as well as an Action Arena for Monster Truck Rides and stunt shows as well as the Demon Drome Wall Of Death which is going to be very spectaular and dangerous with huge stunts from two stunt motorcyclists.

Swamp Thing {The Demon Monster Truck Will Be present at Speedfest this weekend]

Rodeo Bull Rides will feature on Saturday where motorsport fans can get whipped around on a livid Bull and there will plenty of music performances on the live stage which features many tribute artists such as Elvis Presley and more. There will be Saturday evening music offerings as well as well as the 55 years of the Ford Mustang parade on Saturday as well.

Overall, this event will be a great experience for every one in the family, if the Great British Weather is kind.

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