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Glance to the past: 2013

17th April 2015
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

2013 was a brilliant year for everyone at Gateway 97.8. In the year that Justin Bieber attempted to bring a pet monkey to Germany and when Destiny’s Child re-united, much happened at this community radio station.
One of the station’s co-founders, Yvonne Williams recieved a Rotary Club Royal Recognition Award and was featured in the Evening Echo and the Yellow Advertiser on consecutive days. 2013 yvonne rotary

The station and staff at this time were going from strength to strength and everyone in Basildon and East Thurrock knew the name of Gateway 97.8.
On 28th July 2013, the staff of Gateway 97.8 visited the BBC Broadcasting House where stars are born. More information on this memorable visit can be found here.

2013 bbc
The High Sheriff also visited the studios in 2013 and this visit was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody at Gateway 97.8.
The Battle of the Bands competition was also run in this year and primary school children recorded an advert in the studio. The Police Chief was also on air this year – it really was brilliant.
Thank you to everybody who made the opportunities possible in 2013 and continues to make these opportunities possible to this day. Let us know what you enjoyed about 2013 by emailing us – [email protected]