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On The I-Zone: Jag Singh with Tony Wood

16th January 2016
Posted by Chris Tiernan
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Tony Wood in Studio 2 at Gateway 97.8

It’s 2016 on the I-Zone and many of us have already made those New Year resolutions to get fit and healthy. If you missed our latest edition of The Inspiration Zone (I-Zone) last Sunday afternoon at 3.00pm, you’ve an opportunity to catch this Sunday’s (24th) repeat when Gateway presenter Jag Singh talks to Tony Wood.

Tony is the owner of the Health and Fitness Company Musclelinx. He offers great advice on how to begin the journey to fitness and health through his knowledge and expertise. Tony is a qualified personal trainer and life guard. He is very passionate about turning aspiration to inspiration to build our fitness and improve our health.

His Company, Musclelinx, provides health, nutrition and training methods advice to new beginners, intermediate and advanced trainers.

Tony runs his company internationally from his home in Benfleet, Essex, and is very dedicated and experienced in providing work-out routines, tactics, nutritional advice and motivation regarding health and fitness.

Jag is delighted to have Tony on the I-Zone and hopes this episode will inspire many of us to make this the year for getting on track to greater fitness and better health.

Tony is a qualified personal trainer and life guard. He is very passionate about turning vague aspiration to positive inspiration to build our fitness and improve our health.

On the Musclelinx website Tony is always offering advice, training videos and the latest supplements that the fitness industries have to offer to people who are serious about keeping fit.

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Jag Singh (l) with Tony Wood (r) in the I-Zone

It’s the start of a new week, and as always you can rely on the I-Zone to get you pumped up, motivated and inspired to deal with any challenges that may be heading your way. The I-Zone is a unique experience as it also contains motivating English, Bollywood and Punjabi music providing a multi cultural experience bonding all the communities together in one show – The I-Zone.

The programme also contains inspirational words from Bollywood actors, Hollywood actors, Motivational speakers and many more. Deep inside we all know exactly what we want to do and achieve, but sometimes we just never get to do it or even get round to seriously attempting to do it.

Let the I-Zone help motivate and inspire you to make it happen. So, sit back, buckle up and share the motivational ride with Gateway 97.8 and Jag Singh on The I-Zone.