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Jag Singh in The Inspiration Zone

20th November 2015
Posted by Ros Connors


Please join Gateway presenter Jag Singh this Sunday at 15:00 on The Inspiration Zone, when the topic of discussion is – How to deal with retirement.
When many people retire they throw their hats into the air and welcome a time of life when they can finally fulfill the dreams they have worked hard towards throughout their working lives. But for some, reaching retirement can be a daunting and unpleasant experience and many feel as if they have reached a crossroads.
On Sunday Jag will be interviewing Gill Watkins from our home town Basildon who will be speaking about her very own experience of reaching retirement and the challenges and obstacles she encountered. Gill has managed to make her retirement a pleasant and comfortable journey by utilising her positive mental attitude and she will be sharing these views throughout the interview.
So be inspired, be motivated and please join us on the I-Zone for the weekly dosage of motivation giving you a refreshing start for the week ahead.
Also on The Inspiration Zone, Jag’s choice of Punjabi, Hindi and English music for you to relax with and enjoy.