“Reading for pleasure is an incredibly important thing.” – #CoverKidsBooks and SF Said In Four and A Half Minutes

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SF Said with his two books Varjak Paw and Phoenix

SF Said with his two books Varjak Paw and Phoenix

The Gateway 97.8 Young Adult Book Club spoke to children’s author SF Said about his campaign, #CoverKidsBooks, set up in February 2016 with the aim of increasing coverage of children’s books in the media. We’ve condensed our interview with him to give you a real essence of what the campaign is about.

Research Table

Table showing research conducted by the Cover Kids Books campaign

More information on the #CoverKidsBooks campaign can be found by searching for the appropriate hashtag on Twitter or by visiting the page on the Middle Grade Strikes Back website. The research conducted by the campaign can also be found on the website here.

(Presented and edited by Josh.)

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