Good Afternoon – 2th June 2020

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Today on Good Afternoon with Jacqui James and co they were joined by guest panelist Pam Bickle and special guests, therapist Conny Stark and Reverend John Guest.

Conny spoke to Jacqui about what types of therapies she specialises in and also spoke about “Beautiful Life”

Conny Stark pt 1
Conny Stark pt 2

Jacqui also had Reverend John Guest on the programme to read an extract from author Dawn Knox’s book “The Basildwade Chronicles”, John also spoke about different topics discussed by Jacqui and the rest of the panel and guest panelist Pam read a poem that she wrote herself.

Reverend John Guest pt 1
Reverend John Guest pt 2
Reverend John Guest pt 3 (Guest panelist Pam reads a poem she wrote herself)
Reverend John Guest pt 4

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