Public File

As a radio station, we are regulated  by OFCOM.

As part of this, we have a duty to provide you with specific pieces of information about us. The documents under ‘Key Commitments’ below cover those matters that we have undertaken to do as part of the agreement with OFCOM whereby we have been granted the Community Radio Service licence and our reports on how we have sought to meet fully those commitments. The ‘AGM Minutes’ section provides reports of our Annual General Meetings.

Key Commitments

Key Commitments Final (pdf)
Key Commitments Report 2011 (pdf)
Key Commitments Report 2012 (pdf)
Key Commitments Report 2013 (pdf)

AGM Minutes

Minutes of 2011 Meeting (pdf)
Minutes of 2012 Meeting (pdf)
Minutes of 2013 Meeting (pdf)
Minutes of 2014 Meeting (pdf)
Minutes of 2015 Meeting (pdf)

Minutes of 2016 meeting (pdf)