Advertise on Local Radio across Basildon and East Thurrock

If you want to attract business to the local area then it makes sense to advertise with the people who talk to the local area. No waste, every ad working hard just for you.

What we offer

Affordable and effective radio ads

Reach a captive local audience with affordable and effective radio adverts, in their workplace, home, or in the car. No cookies; no distractions!

Social media audience

Engage with our 17,000 Twitter followers, and 7,000 Facebook followers for affordable rates. Ads are affordable, effective, and measurable

Online advertising

As a unique, local media outlet; our website attracts over 42,000 users per year! Place your ads between our busy news articles and pages


Show support for your local community by advertising or sponsoring programmes on the area's only local radio station. Sponsorship opportunities are available, please enquire for details.

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