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If you want to attract business to the local area then it makes sense to advertise with the people who talk to the local area. No waste, every ad working hard just for you.

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Based on 30 second advertisement slots

The Action Pack

No of Weeks Tot. Plays (1/hr) Price (£) Price per play (£)
2* 158 180.00 1.14
4* 316 255.00 0.81
26 2054 1350.00 0.66
52 4108 2550.00 0.62

The Impact Pack

No of Weeks Tot. Plays (2/hr) Price (£) Price per play (£)
2* 316 315.00 0.97
4* 632 500.00 0.79
26 4108 2600.00 0.63
52 8216 5000.00 0.61

The Trader Pack*

No of Weeks Tot. Plays (5/day) Price (£) Price per play (£)
1 35 50.00 1.43
*Production cost of £70 applicable for the production of the advertisement


Show support for your local community by advertising or sponsoring programmes on the area's only local radio station. Sponsorship opportunities are available, please enquire for details.

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Website Advertising

Our website is a go-to source of local information, and was accessed by over 38,000 users in 2021. We also had over 77,000 page views giving us a huge local presence across Basildon and East Thurrock.

Make our website users your audience with affordable online ads from just £10 per month - paid up-front for the year. You'll be evenly rotated amongst other advertisers and we offer a full report on how well your ad performs.

Let our busy website lead our engaged audience to your service or product!

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