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Good afternoon with Jacqui & co – 5th August

6th August 2020
Posted by Jacqui James

Jacqui & Co presented good afternoon for Wednesday 5th August. On the program today, Jacqui & Co had amazing guests who offered kindness, activities for children and a story-time.

Firstly Jacqui & Co were joined by happiness expert Dee Patel, who offered tips on how to look after yourself with acts of kindness.

Dee Patel

Secondly Jacqui & Co were joined by some of members of Radio Club, who are involved with taking part in radio club extra which is happening every Wednesday throughout August.

Radio Club pt 1
Radio Club pt 2

Finally, Jacqui & Co were joined by Reverend John Guest who read a story from local author Dawn Knox’s book “The Basilwade Chronicles” and also spoke on different subjects that Jacqui & Co were discussing.

Reverend John Guest pt 1
Reverend John Guest pt 2
Reverend John Guest pt 3