Good afternoon with Jacqui & co – Wednesday 29th July

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Jacqui & co presented this Wednesday’s edition of good afternoon here on Gateway 97.8 and they were joined by a couple of guests today, which range from music to story telling. Also they spoke about various topics such as: Beetlemania being on the rise.

In the first hour Jacqui & co were join mezzo soprano and local singer Nancy May who spoke about her range of different singing styles and she also sung live on air as well.

Nancy May pt 1
Nancy May pt 2

In the second hour Jacqui & co were joined by regular guest Reverend John Guest who read a story from local author Dawn Knox’s book “The Basilwade Chronicles” and also discuss this weeks topics with Jacqui & co.

Reverend John Guest pt 1
Reverend John Guest pt 2
Reverend John Guest pt 3

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