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9 in 10 Brits baffled by wine

18th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Following research  which shows two thirds (63%) of Brits are baffled and a further 57% admit to feeling daunted when it comes to buying wine, Aldi has launched its very own wine course to help shoppers pick out their perfect Cabernet Sauvignon without drawing a Sauvignon blank – and what’s more, it’s completely free.

New research has revealed that, despite finding wine selection as tricky as chatting to the in-laws, nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits are too embarrassed to ask for help, with 91% preferring to bluff their way through in order to save face or impress others, forcing nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits to pretend to like a wine they hated to avoid being caught out.

News of the jargon-busting wine course will be music to the ears of shoppers who have been suffering in silence, as research shows more than 1 in 10 (11%) have bought a white wine, when they actually wanted a red, whilst a further 15% have avoided buying wine because they couldn’t pronounce the name and over a quarter (26%) dread buying wine as a gift because they find the decision-making process so stressful.

Aston spoke to Sam Caporn a.k.a Mistress of Wine, Aldi wine expert to discuss the research in further detail and what aldiploma offers as well.