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A down to earth guide to wine

12th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Good wine is one of life’s great pleasures, yet unfortunately for many it has a reputation for being a very complex area to navigate. Whether selecting a bottle from your local supermarket or ordering a restaurant red, choosing the right wine can be an extremely daunting prospect which can often lead to embarrassment when we get things wrong.

The process of choosing a good bottle of wine can be more intimidating than enjoyable for the nation’s wine novices, but by learning a little bit of knowledge on the subject, wine can be made fun and accessible for everyone. Learning the lingo, how to read the label and how to correctly choose, serve and store wine are all key elements that will enhance our enjoyment and overall experience of wine.

Aston spoke to Phillipa Carr, SPAR’s master of wine to help educate UK wine novices on how they can become a wine expert and gave advice on how to see past the price tag and find great quality wine for good value.