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Alex Zane on Gateway 97.8

22nd August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

New research out today reveals which characters the British public most relate to on screen; the people Brits most enjoy visiting their nearest multiplex or independent cinema with; and our most annoying pet peeves when it comes to displays of questionable cinema etiquette.

The research, released as part of The National Lottery’s 25th Birthday Celebrations, surveyed over 2,000 British adults, ahead of National Lottery Cinema Day, this Sunday, in partnership with the BFI.

It revealed that people talking through films is the number one pet peeve for cinema lovers. 59 per cent of people find other people on their phones and phones going off during the film as their biggest annoyance, whilst 46 per cent don’t like it when others consume food and drink, with such gusto, it ruins the ambience of the cinema. Meanwhile a third complain about the fact they must move when others walk past them to go to the bathroom part-way through the film, for similar reasons.

Southend-on-SeaOdeon Southend

Aston spoke to Alex Zane, TV presenter, comedian and film critic to discuss the research and also about national lottery cinema day which is taking place this Sunday 25th August.