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Andrea McLean on how to embrace your mid-life celebration

30th July 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

At various points in everyone’s life they are confronted with a few major milestones which can spark a craving for change, and midlife can be one such stage. Despite it being coined a ‘mid‐life crisis’, research shows that people are actually more confident and carefree and are looking to embrace and enjoy new experiences.

Three in ten (30%) people aged 45 and over in the UK think they have had a so‐called ‘mid‐life crisis’ and 30% think it is unfairly labelled, and the same number believe it should stop being used altogether, according to research by the UK’s leading health and fitness group David Lloyd Clubs.

Yet, as we reach an older age, we seem to care less what others think and get a surge in confidence and greater sense of adventure. In fact, 44% of 45‐54-year-olds would like to explore and visit new places, 36% want to exercise more and 30% would like to try some new hobbies.

Aston spoke to TV presenter Andrea McLean.

Photo by Sporlab on Unsplash