Posted by Aston Avery

Angela Rippon on the signs of dementia

Millions of adults have unknowingly seen signs of dementia in a loved one – but just put it down to them ‘having a moment’ or old age. This is according to a new study.

Many have witnessed a loved one forgetting words (30%), struggling to retain information (25%) and losing personal belongings (24%), but only 36% of them attributed such signs to them having dementia.

The study by Care UK, the experts in dementia care, also shows that more than a third have brushed off someone’s unusual behaviour as nothing to worry about, whilst 4 in 10 have even ignored behaviour such as extreme mood swings and getting lost in a familiar area.

Aston spoke to broadcaster Angela Rippon and Suzanne Mumford, head of nursing, care and dementia at Care UK.

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