Posted by Aston Avery

Are Brits lacking confidence?

Research out today has revealed as many as eight in ten (80 percent) aren’t living life to the max, with 43 percent saying a lack of confidence holds them back.

Over a quarter (28 percent) admit to not doing the everyday things that make them happy due to ‘fear of judgement’ from others. One in three (29 percent) admit they’re afraid they will fail if they follow their dreams, while a further 28 percent are scared of the unknown.

A fifth (22 percent) are letting embarrassment and their inhibitions hold them back (21 percent) from doing the everyday things that make them happy, with a further 20 percent worrying that they will look silly doing what they want.

But the research by Shaken Udder revealed a host of things Brits would LOVE to do, if they could throw caution to the wind, and tear up the rule book.

Aston spoke to psychologist Anjula Mutanda.

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