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Author Jane McLelland launches new edition

20th July 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Jane McLelland is the bestselling author behind ‘How to Starve Cancer’ which tells the remarkable story of how she beat terminal stage 4 cancer after being given 12 weeks to live two decades ago.

Since beating the illness, she has gone on to help numerous cancer patients including Bill Turnbull and Jacquie Beltrao who are both publicly dealing with the disease and her methods have improved the odds for thousands of people even putting some into remission.

The latest edition of her book tells her remarkable story and gives details of a new approach to killing cancer called ‘ferroptosis’, death of cancer using its love of iron, only discovered in 2012. Anyone can follow her plan as it focuses on the altered cancer metabolism, recently acknowledged and recognised as a key hallmark of cancer, rather than genetics alone (the conventional approach). Her approach can be used alongside standard treatments offered by mainstream oncology. It is not an alternative.

Aston spoke to Jane McLelland, author and motivational speaker.