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Autism show – December 2021

Aston and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE spoke all things autism in Essex, where they a special announcement and also spoke to guests.

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Aston and Anna first spoke to Kellie Barker, founder of Born Anxious.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Kellie Barker

The second of Aston and Anna’s guest is Commonwealth taekwondo champion, podcaster and charity ambassador Thomas Henley.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Thomas Henley

Anna had this to say after the show:

I cannot believe it was the last ‘All things Autism in Essex Show’ of 2021 for Gateway Radio. We have had some wonderful guests throughout the year , sharing information and laughs with Aston and I.

This month we spoke to Kellie Barker a past guest and supporter of AnnaKennedyonline where we shared some exciting news that Kellie is now one of our charity champions whoop! Kellie is founder of Born Anxious clothing and mother to 3 children one of which is Oscar an autistic boy living in Herne Bay ,Kent. Kellie has been supporting the charity by creating our very own charity range. You can check out Born Anxious disability friendly clothing on

Kellie shares:

‘I am honoured to be selected as a Charity Champion for the Anna Kennedy Online Charity,I have supported the Charity since 2018 and have attended Charity Events that mark amazing people within the community and celebrate Talents of people living with Autism , Im very happy to be welcomed into the AKO family as its made up of very special group of people who are committed to open doors for Autistic People .’

Anna also said:

Another guest and amazing AKO fellow charity Ambassador is Thomas Henley. Thomas is an Autism and Mental Health advocate, creating YouTube videos, podcasts and documentaries.

With a degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University Of Manchester, a Commonwealth gold medal in Taekwondo, and a talent for public speaking, Thomas seeks to raise awareness and support others on their own personal growth journey.

Thomas’ motives come from his long history with Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Panic Disorders. Experienced in Special Needs teaching, human sciences, and how to help others understand his conditions, he seeks to bring a new face to Autism and Mental Health disorders.

Contact details: Website –

If you would like to be a guest on ‘All things Autism in Essex’ please contact [email protected]

Aston and I would like to thank Gateway and to thank all our listeners and supporters and wish you a Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2022!

Take care keep going one day at a time we will bet there byeeeeee

All Things Autism In Essex will return in 2022

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