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Autism show – December 2022

For the month of December, Aston Avery and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE spoke all things autism in Essex, where they spoke about the latest news from autism charity Annakennedyonline.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 1
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 2

Aston and Anna’s first guest was Ashley Fairfield from JAAQ.

Ashley Fairfield pt 1
Ashley Fairfield pt 2

Aston and Anna’s guest was Autism’s Got Talent performer Sarah Knowles.

Sarah Knowles

Aston and Anna spoke about news within the autism community.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 3
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 4

Anna had this to say after the show:

“Can you believe it we are in our final month of 2022 ‘Talking All things Autism in Essex’ Aston and I have had some amazing guests and we love talking to them all. We are grateful to Gateway Radio which is helping us raise awareness and autism acceptance.Aston and I talked again about our love of Strictly and are we both excited for the final. I am off to be a judge for Zoes Space in Coventry a baby hospice. This is my 5th year as a judge and such a lovely event. My fellow judges this year are Chloe Hewitt, AJ and Curtis Pritchard .

Our first guest after 11 am was

Sarah Knowles

Sarah shares:

“I had the time of my life at Autism’s Got Talent 2022!

It was so lovely meeting everyone including all the Organisers and volunteers who were all so welcoming, friendly along with the other Performers who are all Talented.

It was wonderful to know I was meeting lots of fellow Autistics knowing we all have something unique in common…. being Musical and Autistic with our own variety of flavours and magical-ness.

I know my friend Jackie Smith also really enjoyed it too.

It was especially lovely too that Autism’s Got Talent put us all up in the Premier Inn for two nights only a 10-minute walk away which was fantastic.

I shall carry on savouring what a lovely time I’ve had and let the next bunch have their turn next year.

Thanks again for having me.

Anyone thinking of applying? I’d say go for it, whatever age you are.

If you have a Talent to share?

Then get yourself on the Stage and shine!”

“Auditions are now open for AGT 2023 please check out the charity website to send in your entry. Show us your Talent!
Our second guest was Ashley Fairfield from the new Mental Health Social Media Platform He talked about how JAAQ is constantly evolving and news is spreading globally about this amazing free platform.

Anna was approached by the founder Danny Gray and the JAAQ team to be one of the 50 first content creators for this new Social Media Mental Health platform since Anna Kennedy Online are recognised as a charity that support many families of Autistic children and adults.

JAAQ were so blown away by Anna Kennedy’s enthusiasm and drive that they agreed to film the well-known performing arts show Autism’s got Talent this year. They have also agreed to film next year’s show since they said this was a fantastic platform for talented autistic children and adults to showcase their talent.

I am proud to be a content creator of JAAQ. This is an amazing platform to spread the word about the work of our charity and to raise autism awareness and acceptance through my experience as a founder of autism services, founder of Anna Kennedy Online autism charity, and my own personal experience as a mother and wife.

Lots more to come on this Social Media platform and the perfect place to ‘Just Ask a Question’. This is going to be a fantastic platform for our charity sharing our work.  It is completely free no costs involved and such a useful resource.

Register with JAAQ to keep updated

I also spoke about how at christmas everyone doesnt have a safe space to be. As a charity we currently fundraising for a homless autistic man and his dog. For 3 months he has been sleeping in a tent.

If you would like to donate here is the link

I would like to say here is wishing you a Happy Christmas and Happy Holiday and heres hoping for a better 2023!!!

Lots of Love and a Virtual Hug”

All Things Autism in Essex returns in 2023

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