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Autism show – July 2019

4th July 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Today marked the second Autism Special on the Daytime show. During the programme, Aston spoke to some inspiring guests.

In the first hour Aston spoke to Mandy Richardson from Team Avery Essex and also mum of voice kids star Jessica Richardson and Vicky from Vie Aesthetics ,during which they chatted about “Aston’s Pamper Project” which people nominate someone who has gone the extra mile eg: a teacher, someone in the family etc. Details for that can be found on the Team Avery Essex Facebook page.

Mandy Richardson & Vicky interview:

In the second hour Aston spoke to Marc, Rob and Mike from T.I.M.E (Therapy In Musical Expression) and they spoke about the weekly event they run on a Monday night at the Edge Bar in Basildon, about what events they’ve done recently and also about caged arts, which they formed two years ago with musicians all on the autistic spectrum. During the second hour Anna Kennedy OBE also took part in the interview process.

T.I.M.E. interview with Aston:

T.I.M.E interview & Anna Kennedy OBE:

During the close of the second and throughout the third hour, Aston and Anna spoke to two mums who have sons that are on the autistic spectrum. Vanessa Issac (Mother of Christopher) and Pershy Mgadamika (Mother of Ethan) and they spoke about when they were first diagnosed, what barriers they had to go through to achieve to where they are now and also raise awareness in the autism field as well.

Vanessa Issac, Pershy Mgadamika & Anna Kennedy OBE:

The Autism Special will return on Thursday 1st August where Aston will be joined by Anna Kennedy and alongside them will be Moira Brock, founder of local dance La Danse Fantastique based in Basildon at the Salvation Army in Cherrydown. There also be the interviews from the performers that Aston managed to gather at the Autism’s Got Talent roadshow in St Ives.