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Autism Show – June 2024

All Things Autism in Essex returned for it’s June edition, with Euro’s in full swing, Olympics coming up and the start of the summer season. Aston and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE spoke about how look after someone with autism throughout the summer and also spoke to amazing guests as well.

Aston & Anna’s first guest was nurse Kelsey McInearey.

Aston & Anna’s second guest was Autism’s Got Talent performer Kian Butler.

Aston & Anna’s third guest was Claire Prosser BEM, founder of Spectropolis PIF.

Anna has this to say after the show:

“Another busy show for Aston and I ‘Talking All things Autism’ On Gateway Radio for the month of June.”Another busy show for Aston and I ‘Talking All things Autism’ On Gateway Radio for the month of June.

Our guests this month were Kelsey McInearney , Kian Butler and Claire Prosser.

Kelsey works as a nurse and absolutely loves her job. She has also started a new business called ‘Calm Crate’ 

It took a long time for her autism and ADHD diagnosis to be discovered and now she finally has the correct diagnosis she is able to live her life with a new understanding of herself and the world around her.

Our second guest Kian is a 22 year old autistic creator with a deep passion for music and entertainment. Since performing on Autism’s got Talent , he has had the privilege to be invited to work on Junior Eurovision France 2023 and Eurovision Sweden in 2024. 

Kian was excited to hear his new cover version of the winning song from Eurovision this year aired on Gateway 97.8 before his interview with Aston and I.

Our third guest was Claire Prosser the founder of Spectropolis. She is is also an educational psychologist , working in Wales and has an autistic son. She was awarded a British Empire Medal on the Queens Honours List for her work supporting the Autistic Community.

Aston and I also spoke about our up coming Sky Dive in July with Lisa Robins and Steven Smith. 

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Another exciting announcement is that Aston will join Philip Barnett as MC for Autism’s got Talent this year on October 12th at Mermaid Theatre.

All performers will be announced very soon and tickets are now on sale via our charity website

Thank you once again to Gateway Radio for giving us the opportunity to talk ‘All things Autism in Essex’

Keep well everyone and looking forward to our show in July!!

Sending positive vibes.

Anna Kennedy OBE”

All Things Autism in Essex will return soon.

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