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Autism Show – November 2022

November’s Autism show had the theme of Autism’s Got Talent and exciting news.

Aston and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE spoke about Autism’s Got Talent, Strictly and Autism Hero Awards.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 1
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 2

Aston and Anna’s first guest was Autism’s Got Talent performer Charlie Conway.

Charlie Conway

Aston and Anna spoke about having Charlie on the show.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 3

Aston and Anna’s second guest was Autism’s Got Talent performer Nevaeh Dunmore.

Nevaeh Dunmore

Aston and Anna’s third guest was designer Sophia Kyriacou.

Sophia Kyriacou

Aston and Anna recapped this months show.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 4

Anna had this to say after the show:

“Another great ‘All things Autism in Essex’ with Aston. We had fantastic guests once again this month and lots of news to share and of course Aston and I spoke about Strictly because of our love of dance.
Our first guest was the talented Charlie Conway and his lovely mum Katie. 

“Charlie shared that he loved every second of Autisms Got Talent, everyone was so welcoming and kind. He loved performing on stage, it was the first time Charlie performed in a theatre.

“Charlie and his mum travelled to London by car .This was the first time Charlie had been to London;

“Charlie told Aston I:

“Taking part in Autisms Got Talent has made me feel good about myself, I suffer from bad Anxiety, and it lowers my self-esteem. Getting to the final has helped my self-esteem. Anna Kennedy and all her staff are truly great people. I will treasure this memory and experience forever.

“Dawn and Keith looked after me on the day of the performance, they were truly amazing, big thanks to them! It was so nice to be around other people with Autism and getting to meet them, it is so inspiring.

Every single performer had amazing talent.

I have spent the past year isolated with Social Anxiety and I’ve been struggling a lot and not really mixed with many people at home and school, so this was a massive challenge for me.

“Being around such supportive people and being allowed to be myself really helped, this is something I didn’t think I would ever do, but thanks to the amazing team at Autisms Got Talent, I have achieved my dream.

“I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about applying for Autisms got talent to go for it, it is an experience you will treasure forever.”

“Our second guests were Nevaeh Dunmore , her mum Micheala and the SEND coordinator at Nevaeh’s school in Hampshire. Nevaeh is 13, She is a singer/songwriter who is bursting with talent and great style. Nevaeh is passionate and determined to prove that everyone is entitled to reach for their dreams, she doesn’t ever let her Autism, Epilepsy and Dyslexia stand in her way.She is a remarkable and unique little professional who is also a proud child ambassador for two charities! Nevaeh is releasing a song on Monday 14th November 2022 in support of anti-bullying week. Bullying is something that Nevaeh and many other people with disabilities and additional needs endure which is so sad and nasty, unnecessary comments are just not necessary. She isn’t shy of a big stage and has already supported Sam Bailey on her UK tour, performed at a number of festivals, received a top 3 placing in Undiscovered Talent UK, auditioned for prime time tv, showcased at Dingwall’s in London, awarded National Entertainment awards (South) Best Solo vocalist in the under 14 category and has still found the time to release her own music. She has just been selected to be part of the Stage Choir for Voice in a Million at Wembley Arena! Nevaeh secured the opportunity to perform at the prestigious annual Autism’s Got Talent last month, where the entire audience took to their feet to congratulate her!….. an early career to be proud of don’t you think! and so much more planned…If Nevaeh isn’t singing you will find her creating artwork, crocheting or reading!

“In support of the launch of Nevaeh’s single available on Monday, Born Anxious clothing have created these amazing garments that can be purchased to support AnnaKennedyonline’s  ‘Give Us A Break!’ Campaign (#GUAB)

“Our third guest was the talented Sophia Kyriacou. Anna has known Sophia for about 5 years and supported her through the autism diagnosis process.

“Sophia is a multi-award-winning creative in the broadcast design industry.

“With over 23 years’ experience at the BBC, her work has been seen and enjoyed by millions of viewers worldwide.

“Over the years she has worked on high-profile productions, creating titles and content for a wide range of television programmes and audiences, the US Elections and the Oscars only to name a few.

“She is hugely passionate about storytelling and now splits her time between freelance commissions and her animated film work.

“Sophia is also a full voting member at BAFTA.. Sophia has created ‘Face’ the award-winning Channelling Autism Diagnosis into an animated short. Anna has been lucky enough to have seen and watched this piece progress. 

“Anna shares’ Its so creative and Sophia is a talented and inspirational woman. I am proud to know her.’

“December will be Aston and my final ‘All things Autism in Essex’ for 2022 what a year it has been time has flown by whoosh!

“Don’t forget keep up to date with everything happening at the charity on

“Take care everyone and lots of love”

All Things Autism in Essex will return in December.

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