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Autism Show – October 2019

8th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The latest edition of all things autism in Essex special had amazing guests on the programme, presented by Aston Avery along with regular guest Anna Kennedy OBE from the autism charity AnnaKennedyOnline.

The first of Aston’s guests was… Aaron Bonner who runs a party company called Aaron’s SENsational parties and he goes round entertaining everyone of all ages, raging from children to adults. He also spoke about being a teacher’s assistant prior to setting up his own party company. Aaron set the company up 12 years ago and also has a family sibling that is on the autistic spectrum.

The second of Aston’s guests was… Jane, Dan & Charlie Franklyn and they currently setting up a football for children on the autistic spectrum called Autistic FC, which will be based in Shenfield. Jane also helps out at a dance school called dance for all which her son Charlie attends. They spoke about the football team autistic FC, dance for all and also what their aims are in the future for both projects.

Anna Kennedy OBE had this to say after the show:

“Another show for Aston and I under our belt with great guests. So lovely to hear what going on within the autism world of the wonderful Essex Community . Out of school clubs are sorely need for our children and inclusion is a must for our children and adults to be accepted within the community.  We are on our way in Essex one step at a time.”

All things autism in Essex special will return on Thursday 7th November.