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Autism show – October 2022

A very busy All Things Autism in Essex show for the month of October especially as autism charity annakennedyonline gear up for Autism Got Talent’s

Aston and Anna gave out a reminder of all the performers for Autism’s Got Talent 2022.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 1
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 2
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 3
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 4
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 5
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 6

The first guests they spoke to were twin sisters Julie & Lara Wallman and they spoke about the book ‘Genuine Fakes’.

Julie & Lara Wallman

The second guest they spoke to was Autism’s Got Talent compere Phil Barnett.

Phil Barnett

Aston and Anna reviewed this month’s show.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 7

Anna had this to say after the show:

“Another busy show with Aston Avery in the month of October talking ‘All things Autism In Essex ‘ and Strictly on Gateway!

“One of our guests the lovely Philip Barnett , Aston and I are huge fans of Strictly we were talking about this years Strictly , our own experience of People’s Strictly and the power of dance for individuals on the autism spectrum.¬†Phil one of my long time volunteer and friends also shared how excited he was for this year’s Autism’s got Talent and how throughout the years his knowledge of autism is continually growing from working with our charity.

“We were also joined by Autistic film producer and writer Julie Daly Wallman and her twin sister Lara. They spoke about the launch of ‘Genuine Fakes ‘ the book and the film. We were excited to hear filming starts in February and Anna was excited to attend the launch and meet the actors. Lara shared her experience of growing up with an autistic sibling and share the high’s and lows.

“In November Anna will be sharing feedback about the show and if we are lucky one or two performers will be joining us for a chat!

“See you soon lots of love!”

All Things Autism in Essex will return in November.

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