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Autism’s Got Talent 2019

13th May 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Held annualy every year, Autism’s Got Talent is organised by the autistic based charity: Anna Kennedy Online. The show was first formed in 2012 and since then has gone on to get bigger and better every single year.

All of the performers are on the autistic spectrum which can range from autism, aspergers and ADHD. There have also been some celebrities in attendance which have ranged from Katie Price, Kacey Ainsworth, Jake Wood, Robin Windsor and many more.

For anyone on the autistic spectrum wishing to take part in Autism’s Got Talent in 2020 or further on you must send an email, containing a YouTube video of your talent and a brief bio to: [email protected] closing date is 31st December.

Anna Kennedy Online ambassodor and daytime presenter Aston Avery was in attendance and interviewed some of the performers, celebrities and an audicene about the show itself as well as the charity.


Tess Eagle-Swan, Kratu & Polo: First time ever there was a dog act in the show and the owner Tess was diagnosed with autism a year ago. One of her dogs Kratu took part in the national dogs Crufts one year.

Tess Eagle-Swan, Kratu & Polo

OJ Bridges: 13 year old OJ loves anything related to dancing which includes cheoreographing etc and OJ has been dancing since he was 6 years old.

OJ Bridges

Daniel Docherty: 19 year old Daniel came all the way from Ireland to perform at the event and loves to sing. He was diagnosed with autism in March 2014.

Daniel Docherty

Madison Campbell: Madison was the youngest performer of the night at the age of 8 and loves dancing, with her favourite dance style being hip-hop. She also loves to perform on stage as well.

Madison Campbell

Patrick Steele-Bodger: Patrick is an illustrator who has a passion for cartoon and film. He done video for the Anna Kennedy Online anti-bullying week campaign which can be found on the charity website.

Patrick Steele-Bodger

Chris Hansen: Chris has loved playing the drums since he was a baby wether it’s using chopsticks or a pencil, until he got his first drum kit at the age of 7. He also won 1st place at the age of 11 at a school in Singapore, during which he was the drummer for their first rock band.

Chris Hansen

Sez Thomasin: Sez is a poet and her first full length poetry show called “This Is Awkward” which is about social awkwardness and labels on how we apply ourselves.

Sez Thomasin

Ollie Venning: Ollie is 14 years old and is a member of street factory a dance back in his hometown which Ollie has found more comfort in today.

Ollie Venning

Cal Ruddy: Cal is a 24 years old award winning rockabilly and americana singer/songwriter. He has worked alongside many top songwriters and producers and has a debut album in the pipeline.

Cal Ruddy

Andre Adams: Andre sung before he could talk and has a passion for anything music. Andre has been playing the saxophone when he was 9 years old and was recently given a scholarship at the Christopher Maloney Academy.

Andre Adams

Tom Loveless & Emily Leeves: They’re both 14 years old and they’ve competed in Ballroom and Latin dance competitions all over the UK. Tom was diagnosed with autism at the age of 9 and the event marked the last time they would dance together.

Tom Leveless & Emily Leeves

Calum Courtney: Calum loves music, during which as a toddler he started playing the drums. He has also been singing since he was around 5 or 6 years old and in 2018 he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent reaching the final in the process.

Calum Courtney

Charlotte Fieldson: Charlotte first performed at Autism’s Got Talent back in 2016 and in the same year was given a scholarship at Pineapple Performing Arts school in Covent Garden, London.

Charlotte Fieldson

Dylan Archer: Dylan was one of the first recipients of a scholarship at Pineapple Performing Arts school and since then he has excelled. He loves every minute of being there from the social side as well as performing.

Dylan Archer


Dr Pam Spurr: Dr Pam is a self-help expert as well as an agony aunt. She has appeared TV progammes such as “Big Brother’s Little Brother” and is also a great supporter to the charity as well.

Dr Pam Spurr

Richard Mylan: Richard is a TV actor who has on hit TV show’s such as BBC’s “Waterloo Road”. Richard has been a massive support for charity and his son Jaco is on the autisic spectrum, during which in 2017 done a documentry titled “Richard and Jaco; Life with Autism”.

Richard Mylan

Maggie Paterson: Maggie is the principal of Pineapple Performing Arts and massive friend of the charity. Maggie as well as Pineapple have been supporting the charity from the very 1st day and has since then offered scholarships to children, teens and adults to attend Pineapple Performing Arts.

Maggie Paterson

Giovanni Spano: Gio appeared on the 2018 edition of the ITV show “The X Factor” where he made the live shows. Most recently he was seen in the West End production of “Bat Out Of Hell” the musical.

Giovanni Spano

Jayne Fieldson: Jayne is Charlotte’s mum and is always supporting Charlotte in all of the shows related to autism or even Pineapple Performing Arts.

Jayne Fieldson