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Bake Off’s Stu Henshall celebrating National Tofu Day

1st September 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

This National Tofu Day (1st September) is an opportunity to challenge people to get creative with their cooking and act on our environmental concerns. Yet despite being one of the most versatile meat free food alternatives, 40% of Brits don’t know what tofu actually is, with 3% even admitting they thought it was a Japanese boardgame.

This is surprising, as new research shows that 2 in 5 people in the UK are switching meat for meat replacements. The top reason for embracing meat alternatives is environmental concerns, followed by animal welfare, both issues which are on the national agenda after the IPCC report published earlier this month. However, even amongst the most environmentally conscious age group, 18-25 year old’s, 65% are naïve to what tofu is and where it comes from.

According to recent research, 2 in 5 people see cooking as a chore. Indeed, lockdown saw many of us getting experimental in the kitchen, from banana breads to sourdough starters, but as we have all started going back to work, the monotony has set back in. 1 in 4 admitted to having a ready meal one a week, whilst 36% repeat the same dishes each week and 64% are unhappy with their cooking.

Aston spoke to celebrity chef and Bake Off star Stu Henshall.