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Bring your dog to work day

19th June 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

This week pups across the UK will be donning their suit and tie ready for Bring Your Dog to Work Day (21st June.) Bring your Dog to Work Day is an annual event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs. It’s an approach that continues to increase in popularity in many workplaces with 1 in 5 businesses now allowing pets in the office. Research has found proven benefits from having an office dog: ranging from happier staff members (34%), more motivation (14%) and even giving people a reason to spark up conversation with their office crush (9%).

Bringing your pet to work could be beneficial for both owner and dog, as leaving pets at home without the correct training can potentially lead to them suffering separation anxiety. In 15% of these cases dogs who are suffering can begin to display behaviours such as chewing, barking, urinating, and vomiting. This is stopping nearly 3 in 5 of the population from owning a dog as just over half (51%) worry about their homes being empty most of the day – meaning that their dogs will not get the stimulation that they need daily.

Aston spoke to Marie Jones, a canine nutritionist and founder of premium dog food brand Billy and Margot, about the research and also about the annual event “bring your dog to work day”.

Marie Jones interview with Aston Avery