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Britain’s boring snacks

25th May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

For decades, Britain has been a nation ridiculed for our beige buffets and stodgy snacks. Long been categorised having strange combinations, lack of imagination, weird puddings, and weak tea, British food has become a laughingstock online and overseas.

Indeed, a study launched by Peperami today reveals that more than a quarter (27%) of us believe that British food is boring and almost as many (24%) say they have eaten so much bland food recently that their tastebuds have forgotten what flavour is!

And it doesn’t get much better when it comes to treats, with nearly half (49%) feel they are lacking inspiration for what to tuck into for their regular between-meal top ups. In fact, more than half of us (55%) always reach for the same old snack we usually have.

Aston spoke to flavour expert and food psychologist Greg Tucker who gave his top tips and advice on how to get tantalised your taste buds and enjoy a variety of snacks throughout the day.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash