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Britain’s good mood food revealed

2nd August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Roll over chocolate, Brits’ ultimate plate of feel good food is the traditional full English breakfast – the dish that ticks all of our sensory boxes, according to new research. Researchers polling 2,000 adults found more than half of Brits [53%] place just as much importance on the aroma of their dish and two-fifths [40%] turn to kitchen sounds to lift their moods.  Favourites from the traditional English Breakfast were declared the top mood enhancers, with the sound of bacon sizzling, the smell of fresh coffee, and the taste of butter on toast contributing to Brits’ happiness.

The study by Anchor also found over a third [39%] will turn to cooking or baking to lift their mood after a bad day. It emerged two-fifths [40%] of those polled believe the sound of food cooking puts them in a good mood and three-fifths [60%] also confessed that certain smells take them back to their childhood which is why they attribute such positive connections with certain dishes.

Aston spoke to Katherine Templar Lewis, behavioural neuroscientist to discuss why the right food smells and sounds can put us in the right mood for the day.