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Brits admit to not loving their homes

17th March 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

New research reveals that 58% of the UK admit to not loving the home they live in and 79% of them admit to not feeling proud of their home. While 55% of those surveyed described their home as comfortable, 7% said they hate their home with the same number saying they are embarrassed by it.

Almost all of the UK (91%) would love to improve parts of their home yet two thirds (63%) of those surveyed make home improvements only once a year or less with 6% admitting to never doing any king of home improvements. The research, ahead of April’s Home Improvement Month, found that the kitchen was the most unloved, with 1 in 5 wishing to switch it up. This is followed by bedroom (18%), living room (14%), garden (11%), bathroom (10%), loft and conservatory (3%), lounge, dining room, garage and office (2%).

Aston spoke to Georgina Burnett, DIY TV presenter and home improvement blogger and Keeley Vernon, DIY sector manager for home improvement and garden at BHETA to divulge on the home habits and furnishing fears of Brits.