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Brits are afraid of blackouts this winter as national grid preps for the worst

When we on the phone earlier, you asked for the stats surrounding people afraid of power outages. They’d attacked below.

This winter is set to be tough – with potential power blackouts and energy prices at a continued all-time high. And new research has shown that more than 3 in 4 Brits are worried about losing power as we enter the colder and darker months. Some of the biggest concerns were keeping food fresh (66%), charging electrical devices (53%), and the security of our homes and possessions (27%).

Almost half (48%) of UK adults are worried about their elderly, young, and vulnerable family members, as blackouts could leave them cold and isolated, as well as at risk of injury or even death. What’s more, well over a third (37%) of Brits say they aren’t prepared for power cuts, with most people’s preparation only going as far as having some candles or a torch to hand. And just 19% have a charging block to ensure their phones are fully charged in case of an emergency.

Aston spoke to Ricky Ma from Jackery.

Photo by Sies Kranen on Unsplash

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