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Brits carry on camping

5th April 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Gone are the days of fly and flop. Latest stats reveal we are no longer a nation of Sun-Seekers, we are now ‘Fun-Seekers’ So why does adventure make us so happy? Why should creating our own adventures be top of our holiday tick list? What is it about being adventurous which makes the fondest memories and why is sharing an adventure the best way to bond with family, friends or partners?

55% of Brits prefer to DIY their own holiday, whilst 45% of us would describe their last trip as being ‘adventurous’, with trying something new (15%), freedom to explore (23%) and fresh air and open spaces (21%) topping the list of our holiday experiences. And we’re also spending weeks (40%) or even months (34%) planning our holidays to get the formula absolutely perfect.

Aston spoke to happiness expert Miriam Akhtar about why Brits prefer camping over sun seeking.

Miriam Akhtar interview with Aston Avery