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Brits craving culinary adventures

Cuisine plays an integral role in travel, not only in providing an enriching and tasty experience, but also by encouraging exploration and immersion within local cultures and practices.

It therefore comes as no surprise that 50% of people say it’s an influential factor when deciding a holiday destination, while 48% name it as the main way they get to understand a destination’s culture – more so than by seeing historic and famous landmarks (45%) or interacting with locals (40%).

It’s this love for food that led Explore Worldwide to introduce a cuisine-focused collection of Food Adventures, immersing travellers in the culinary delights from Tuscany, Portugal, India, Jordan, Georgia, Peru, Vietnam, and Japan and using the destination’s food as a medium to uncover a country’s culture, customs and history. Not just tasting their produce, but also meeting local producers and vendors, visiting markets and cooking the dishes.

Aston spoke to travel expert Michael Edwards.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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