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Brits in need of a workplace revolution

8th May 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The nation’s workers are screaming out for a workplace revolution, feeling increasingly chained to their work hours.

New research out today suggests many British employees are feeling disillusioned at work as well over half (57%) of employees regularly work longer than their contracted hours and a quarter (25%) are too scared to approach their boss about flexible working. In fact, 62% would consider a change of jobs instead.

As a result, the research by global job site Indeed, shows two fifths (41%) cite improving mental health as the top reason for wanting to have the option of working flexible hours, suggesting there is more than just ‘time’ at stake. 40% say they would give up their holidays to achieve this.

Aston spoke to TV psychologist Emma Kenny who has created a series of top tips including how to negotiate, increase confidence and manage difficult conversations in the workplace.

Emma Kenny interview with Aston Avery (Workplace Revolution)