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Brits lose almost 43 nights’ sleep a year worrying over decision-making

New research by Aviva reveals that Brits lose almost 43 nights’ sleep a year worrying about making the right decision, the equivalent of an astounding 17 billion hours of lost sleep amongst UK adults.

When it comes to life’s most difficult choices, getting divorced/ending a long-term relationship tops the list (31%); followed by buying a new home (29%) and relocating to a new country (27%). Others include changing job or career (27%), getting married (25%) and having/adopting a child (21%).

The emotional process of making a big decision can be daunting, with almost half of Brits (49%) feeling anxious when doing so; more than two-fifths (43%) getting stressed, and almost a third (32%) feeling overwhelmed.

To help the nation tackle its indecisiveness, Aviva has partnered with Katie Piper and behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings to launch the “Aviva Decision School” – an online teaching academy that trains people to overcome hesitancy to make decisions and life changes more easily and with confidence.

Aston spoke to psychologist Jo Hemmings and Julie-Ann Douglas from Aviva.

Photo by Greg Rivers on Unsplash

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