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Brits open to trialling the use of robots

When it comes to robots, our exposure and relationship with these components of future technology are usually governed by what we see on the cinema screen or on TV – but as they increasingly become a function of our daily lives, just how much do we know about them?

The definition of a robot is a type of automated machine that can execute specific tasks with little or no human intervention, with both speed and precision.

New research has uncovered that people in the UK are still unsure as to what robots are and how they could aid our everyday lives. When asked which household products could potentially be labelled as a robot, 41% listed an automatic hoover, with 40% choosing a drone. Smart TVs (20%) and smart-speakers (39%), were all tech that people falsely believed to be robotic. 

The UK Festival of Robotics (formerly known as UK Robotics Week) takes place between June 18th-24th and is a celebration of UK robotics’ research and innovation, aiming to engage the wider public with robotics, AI, and automation, through a mix of online and in-person events.

Aston spoke to Professor Robert Richardson, chair of ESPRC UK-RAS Network.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

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