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Brits say hello to hydrogen boilers

With hydrogen boilers soon to be introduced into UK homes, new research by Worcester Bosch has revealed that
there is apparent scepticism over their arrival with almost half of Brits (42%) admitting that they are scared that a
hydrogen boiler is unsafe. Similarly, over half (51%) revealed that they would prefer someone else to try out a
hydrogen boiler before getting one themself.

A big pull factor to hydrogen boilers is their sustainable and ecofriendly element with 9 in 10 thinking that they could
be more sustainable. 84% also said that knowing hydrogen boilers are more sustainable and eco-friendly than
natural gas boilers, would influence their decision in making the move.

Along with its ecofriendly nature, another factor that enticed Brits was the cost efficient aspect of hydrogen boilers.
When asked, given the difference in cost of at least £6,400, over half of Brits (51%) would prefer to have a
hydrogen boiler installed than an electric heat pump.

Aston spoke to Martyn Bridges, director at Worcester Bosch.

Photo by Sies Kranen on Unsplash

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