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Brits spending millions going to concerts or gigs just to keep ‘the other half’ happy

6th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

It’s the classic dilemma – do you agree to go somewhere just to keep your wife/husband/partner/friend happy? What do you do when they really want to go to that concert, gig, film or exhibition, but you don’t? New research has revealed the extent to which Brits are sacrificing their own entertainment preferences to keep a loved one or friend happy. Brits are spending 965 million sacrificing their own entertainment preferences in the name of love, with nearly three quarters (72%) saying they’ve been to events just to please someone else.

The survey – by Barclaycard – also found that of all the entertainment events Brits go to each year, nearly two thirds (62%) are for someone else’s benefit. Romantic partners are the most likely to compromise, with two thirds (66%) having been with their other half to live entertainment events which they wouldn’t have chosen themselves. But some savvy Brits operate a ‘gig pro quo’ approach – more than a third (34%) say they would agree to attend events for the sake of their loved ones, if the favour is returned. A further 74% say they would be willing to exchange attendance for bribes such as a loved one paying for the ticket, cooking dinner for a week or agreeing to the other person having a lie in at the weekend.

Aston spoke to Danny Wallace, comedian, author and TV presenter to discuss the research in further detail.