Posted by Aston Avery

Brits still not adjusted back to pre-pandemic habits

Among the many impacts of the pandemic, one of the most notable was the lack of physical social interaction that Brits experienced. However, even now that restrictions have eased, it seems that not everyone is ready to return to pre-pandemic routines.

This comes as new research by Royal Voluntary Service and Yakult  showed that 62% of Britons are continuing to suffer from the consequences of routines created during the pandemic. Respondents said a physical health condition (18%) or a mental health condition (23%) has developed or got worse while the trend has continued even after restrictions have lifted as Brits are still nervous to resume positive pre-pandemic routines with 14% delaying seeing their GP, optician (16%) or dentist (21%).

Aston spoke to Fiona Longhurst, director at Royal Voluntary Service.

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