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Brits think large alcohol measures are small

Less than one in 5 (19 per cent)  Brits can correctly identify the amount of alcohol poured into a glass at home by sight. The so-called free-pouring means they may be consuming far more alcohol than intended because they underestimate the measures they’re pouring.

With the cost-of-living crisis meaning Brits are drinking more at home, rather than in pubs and restaurants to save money.

In an experiment, almost three-quarters of adults (70 per cent) shown a large glass of wine (250ml), believed it was a medium or small glass. Under a fifth (18 per cent) correctly identified how much alcohol was in the glass.  If people drink just a single glass of wine or spirits at home, at a party or friend’s house, they may be over the drink-drive limit.  Just 11 per cent of people monitor how much they are drinking to determine if they think they are still fit to drive.

Most people are clueless when calculating how many units of alcohol are in a large glass of wine.

Aston spoke to Nick Simmons, CEO of RoadPeace and Lorraine Price, head of motor insurance at Direct Line.

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Please drink safely:

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